Welcome to Gourmet Shish Kebab.


Our attention to service and quality to food has made our customer proud. At our restaurant, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.


The term shish kebab has a history of over one hundred years in english. In  American english, the word Kebab refers to shish kebab, while in British english, Kebab may also mean  Shwarma. In Middle Eastern Cuisne  however, Kebab denotes a wide variety of different grilled meat dishes. Shish is the Turkish word for sword or skewer

so we are here to bring the taste of shish kebab to public . we have been here for many years now and our customer are as always satisfied .



Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Use our website to get detailed information about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We look forward to welcome you.





Business Hours
Our business hours are listed below.


   Days                    Opening-Closing

Sunday                11 AM - 9:00PM
Monday               11 AM - 9:30PM
Tuesday               11 AM - 9:30PM
Wednesday        11 AM - 9:30PM
Thursday            11 AM - 9:30PM

Friday                  11 AM - 9:30PM
Saturday             11 AM - 9:30PM

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